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Find your way around!

This Happy Koffer focuses on the life in the city - how to navigate it, recognise traffic signs, learn what is far and what is nearby. To help in this journey learning numbers and clock comes in handy, so many of the work sheets and crafts deal with these themes.

We structured most of the activities around one larger sheet that displays a ‘Happy City’. It can be coloured and also built upon through the crafts like making your paper vehicles, turning milk boxes into houses, placing traffic signs and trees made from small twigs.

As with all Happy Koffers - also this one is meant to be just as a starting point for you and your child to explore the things you are interested, and to do that in the ways you find enjoyable. For example, learning the number shapes can be done by tracing the numbers with many different colors, but also by placing dry pasta on the shapes.

Here is more about what is inside:

Fun Games, Work Sheets & Crafts

This box includes a large A2 Happy City that serves as the main playground and is used for many of the activities and crafts.

Game of Domino

Two city & traffic themed scavenger hunts

15 work sheets with various tasks

Craft projects include:

Making of a Police Hat and Traffic Stick

Making a Clock

Making of Traffic Signs and Trees for Happy City

Milk Box Houses for Happy City

and 3D cars to drive around the Happy City

Make your own play dough at home

For some of the crafts we refer to the use of play dough. With just a few ingredients you can easily make it at home.

Personalised with your child’s name on the Koffer

You can order it either as a physical box that will include everything ready and printed along with some of the craft materials.

Or you can order it as a digital download that you can print at your own comfort as many times as you like.

No matter which option you choose, we will plant a new tree for each Happy Koffer sold.  

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